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Procurement National Trend Report (Sample)

Last updated on 2018-11-02

Service Area Overview

Procurement departments or professionals are responsible for operating, maintaining, and replacing jurisdictional assets.  Assets may include supplies and materials necessary for the performance of maintenance and/or technical operations, vehicles, and general office supplies.  Purchasing protocols often include considerations and/or costs associated with net present and/or future value calculations, operation and maintenance, installation, and training when acquiring assets.

Influencing Factors Include

  • Demographics:  Population, daytime population, geographic land area, and socioeconomic conditions within a jurisdiction may affect purchasing patterns, as well as the types of basic services provided by a jurisdiction.  Economic conditions may affect purchasing trends over time.
  • Financial Mechanisms:  State statute may dictate the type and number of financial mechanisms and investments a jurisdiction may employ to secure funding for asset management.
  • Contract Services:  Some jurisdictions provide asset management services through contracts with neighboring communities, regional organizations, or public/private partnerships.


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Dollar amount of purchases made via purchasing card/credit card as a percentage of all purchases

Dollar Amount of Purchases Made Via Purchasing Card/Credit Card as a Percentage of All Purchases: To be calculated as the dollar amount of purchases made using credit cards or purchasing cards, divided by the total dollar amount of all purchases made by central purchasing and other departments

Dollar amount of purchases made using credit cards or purchasing cards
INCLUDE purchases made directly on jurisdiction credit-cards or purchasing cards

Dollar amount of purchases made by central purchasing and other departments
● All actual purchases made, reviewed, or approved by the central procurement office, if one exists, and
all other departments.
● Actual payments pursuant to contracts for construction or other services, not award amounts.
● Where an order and its payment authorization are separate (e.g., by an operating department, subject
to purchasing approval), please count as the payment is approved.
● Any future obligations, encumbrances, or estimates.

National Peers: Austin (TX), Bowling Green (KY), Charles County (MD), Columbia (MO), Dallas (TX), Denison (TX), Fairfax County (VA), Fort Worth (TX), Grandview (MO), Greer (SC), Hermosa Beach (CA), Irving (TX), La Vista (NE), McAllen (TX), McKinney (TX), Mesa (AZ), Midland (MI), Milwaukee County (WI), Olathe (KS), Orland Park (IL), Oshkosh (WI), Raleigh (NC), Rancho Cucamonga (CA), San Antonio (TX), Scottsdale (AZ), Tamarac (FL).