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Facilities National Trend Report (Sample)

Last updated on 2018-11-02

Service Area Overview

Facilities departments maintain, inspect, and repair public infrastructure, process work orders, and conduct scheduled inspections to ensure the proper working order of any public or private facility that is owned, operated, and/or maintained by a jurisdiction.

Influencing Factors Include

  • Demographics:  Population numbers may affect the number, size, and type of public facilities.
  • Resource Allocation:  Labor inherent to the inspection and repair of public facilities may be centralized in a facilities department, although some jurisdictions may allocate the financial resources to purchase materials and/or other contract services, to a variety of departments.
  • Contract Services:   Some jurisdictions provide facilities services through contracts or public/private partnerships.


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Expenditures: Admin/Office Facilities, Custodial per Sq. Foot

Expenditures: Admin/Office Facilities, Custodial Per Square Foot: Calculated as the total administrative/office custodial expenditures for the year divided by the total administrative/office square footage.

National Peers: Albany, Bettendorf, Bowling Green, Dallas, Denison, Dublin, Fairfax County, Farmers Branch, Gahanna, Goodyear , Grandview, Hermosa Beach, Irving, Kennesaw, La Vista, McKinney, Mesa, Miami-Dade County, Milwaukee County, Novi, Olathe, Orland Park, Oshkosh, Raleigh, Rancho Cucamonga, Richmond Heights, San Antonio, Savannah, Scottsdale, Tracy