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Parks & Recreation National Report (Sample)

Last updated on 2018-11-02

Service Area Overview

Parks and recreation departments provide public spaces, services, programs, and facilities for multigenerational enjoyment, recreation, and leisure.  Residents and visitors can utilize parks, nature preserves, hiking and walking trails, biking paths, community and recreation centers, sports programs, recreational classes, aquatics centers, ball fields and courts, which are funded, operated, staffed, and maintained as public amenities within a jurisdiction.  

Influencing Factors Include

  • Demographics:  Population, geographic land area, age demographics, socioeconomic conditions, and citizen priorities may affect expenditures, staffing levels, and the types of parks and recreation services, programs, and facilities that a jurisdiction provides or operates.
  • Special Services:  Some jurisdictions may provide specialized services and programs to meet certain citizen priorities, which may be affected by age demographics and socioeconomic conditions.
  • Contract Services:  Some jurisdictions provide parks and recreation services and programs through contracts or public/private partnerships.


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